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Discover Gomera

Actividades si no buceas en barco yate Tenerife Sur a La Gomera - Dos chicas saltando al agua

Your day if you don’t scuba dive

A typical time schedule* in Gomera is as per a certified diver but replacing the scuba dive activities by two non-scuba diver activities that can be chosen from the following:

  • Low depth dive with Peter Diving System (dive without tank on your back).
  • Kayak paddling.
  • Snokel on surface (it can be repeated).
  • Simply relax and/or sunbathe (free).

After lunch there’s a possibility of organising a land excursion around Gomera to have a glance on its fantastic landscapes.**

15:00 Land excursion activity to Gomera (subject to availability and number of people).

17:15 Gomera land excursion participants’ pick-up.

* This time schedule is merely illustrative and must be taken as an estimation. Indicated times depend on several factors as distance to the dive site, sea conditions, delays on preliminary checks,…

** Due to the Gomera mountainous orography, this excursion is not available for scuba divers that have dived in the morning.