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Mapa con puntos de inmersion en zona sur y oeste desde centro de buceo en La Gomera

Southwestern zone

Gomera waters are pretty unknown for the European divers. They have a huge visibility and nice temperature that rarely goes below 18ºC in winter with mostly in the range of 22ºC – 25ºC, outstanding conditions to enjoy a high class and relaxed dive. In this underwater lava and basaltic rocks seascape we can find big rocks laying on the seabed, arcs, canyons or spectacular walls with plenty of holes, home of many marine species. The Marine Stripe Santiago – Valle Gran Rey is considered Special Areas of Conservation also and, therefore, fishing is restricted and controlled. Moreover, Gomerian fishermen have a high environmental awareness.

Due to the distance between South of Tenerife and Gomera, this excursion is always scheduled as a full day journey including three activities and lunch.